AMICO Launches Multi-Layered Border Solution

Birmingham: AMICO Security, a leading manufacturer of high-security perimeter systems, is introducing to the market the ultimate multi-layered border security solution. This solution combines the latest in radar surveillance technology with high security layered, double walled fencing and state of the art detection technology to create a comprehensive border solution.

According to an AMICO Security spokesperson, the company believes the best approach is what it calls a layered approach, which AMICO Security has been developing for quite some time. This begins with a high security physical barrier fence or wall, which can be dual layered to make it extremely difficult to breach.  When this barrier is combined with the latest in radar and detection technology, it creates a formidable barrier that is extremely difficult to penetrate.

The multi-layered approach by AMICO Security comes at a pivotal time as the United States is looking to greatly expand the border wall between Mexico. In addition to proving to be an ideal solution to border security needs, a multi-layered solution can also be ideal for critical infrastructure protection for utilities, government facilities and airports.

The multi-layered border system involves a combination of the following systems:

Radar Systems – Using GroundAware® Radar, the system can detect approaching targets up to 3 kilometers. The system then classifies the approaching target as either human, animal, aircraft or vehicle. Specific targets, such as animals, can be programmed not to trigger an alarm. Once an alarm is triggered a thermal imaging PTZ camera will key on the object, and border guards can be notified well in advance.

Perimeter Wall System – AMICO’s AMIGUARD dual wall, double mesh system makes border penetration extremely difficult. Dual mesh allows border guards to see through to the other side of the fence as opposed to a solid wall application. In addition, it allows wind to pass through the wall which reduces wind resistance and size of the posts required, thus reducing cost. Meshes can also be configured to prevent scaling and greatly increased forced entry times. To further prevent scaling, the fence includes triple layers of barbed tape. These walls are versatile and can be constructed to meet various grade changes and topography.  The Amiguard system is also extremely simple to install.

Anti-Tunneling – To prevent tunneling, a physical barrier is installed that penetrates underground several feet and extends several feet below the bottom of the fence system.  Seismic sensors can also be added to detect tunneling at much greater depths.

Shaker Wire – The perimeter fence system can be outfitted with vibration sensors which are attached to the fence itself. When the shaker wire senses a potential breach, it set off an alarm to notify the proper authorities.

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