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Introducing: The Tech Shield

The community-centric The Tech Shield site aims to provide daily news for the security and associated sectors such as Cyber, Commercial and Homeland. The stated aim is to educate and inform the industry, provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and provide business business insights in the thriving global market.

The Tech Shield – A new home for the security industry!

As you may have noticed, The Tech Shield will continue to be populated with community news, features, analysis, product news, etc as it grows over in the coming weeks and months.

If you have security news releases, case studies, survey reports or information that you think should be reported – as well as details of new product releases  – contact editor@thetechshield.com.

Also, we would be more than happy to host Subject Matter Experts from the field of Cyber, Commercial and Homeland segments as honorary contributors.

Further to its news and features content, The Tech Shield provides a direct route for advertisers to target readers explicitly interested in issues directly impacting the security sector.

We are in exciting times. Come and be a part of the growth story!

Be Secure in Knowledge!


The Tech Shield Team